Changes to UPHA Challenge Cup Requirements

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Please be aware the UPHA Challenge Cup section has been reorganized, however there are a few substantive changes and clarifications.
Below are a few highlights, please refer to the USEF website for detailed rule revisions. The equitation division rules can be found here:

UPHA Challenge Cup Qualifying classes

UPHA 11 & under Challenge cup program has been eliminated

In UPHA Challenge Cup qualifying classes, the serpentine is now required to consist of four half circles. It is recommended at the discretion of the judge to instruct the ringmaster to line riders up to create a clear area for the serpentine.
Riders competing in the UPHA Pleasure Challenge Cup riders are to wear informal saddle seat attire per EQ116.1a; formal attire prohibited.
Riders now qualify for their UPHA Challenge Cup Final by placing first through fourth rather than placing first or second in their respective qualifying class. See each specific class specifications for details.

UPHA National Finals

The UPHA Morgan, Arabian Breeds, and National Show Horse Challenge Cup National Finals are required to have a least one Open Saddle Seat carded judge which may be recorded or registered on a three judge panel. A guest card will not fulfill this requirement.
In the UPHA Finals the Phase 1 workout must be available to each rider in the competition office no less than two (2) hours prior to the performance in which the class is run.
In the UPHA Finals there will be no less than four (4) hours between the end of Phase I and the beginning of Phase II, and no more than two (2) consecutive days between the two Phases.
The UPHA Saddle Seat Committee encourages judges to select individual patterns that highlight showmanship as opposed to intricacy.
In the UPHA Finals a minimum of twelve (12) riders and a maximum of fourteen (14) riders will be chosen for Phase II which is the championship class. If there are less than twelve (12) riders judges are required to bring all riders back for the champion¬ship class. No predetermined number need be selected from each group. Excep¬tions: See UPHA Walk/Trot National Finals specifications.
For additional questions regarding the UPHA Challenge cup program, please contact the UPHA or phone 859-231-5070.


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