All American Cup Creates “Marriage” With the Sport Horse—Worldwide

May 21st, 2012 | By | Category: News

During the ASHA annual convention Jim Aikman sat in on a round table presentation for the sport horse. He listened with an open mind, watched and learned. It became apparent that the sport horse had great talent and aptitude. Many sport horse “stars” were reg American Saddlebreds going over hill and dale, over jumps , and pulling carriages through water. Jim thought there were many stallions who could also produce winners in the All American Cup if afforded the opportunity. No place has it been written that the produce by these stallions could not win the world record purses awarded by the AAC. Jim wanted to meet these dedicated friends of the Saddlebred and help them with more opportunities.

A light bulb came on and Aikman made hundreds of new friends in just a few minutes. He pledged $5000 (personal money) for the creation of the All American Cup sport horse versatility series. Within just a short time, many, many Saddlebred fans from coast to coast pledged over $20,000 for this” new beginning”. Aikman’s goal is to raise $40,000 that will be used to reward the sport horse participant..there will never again be an “us” (show horse) and a “them” (sport horse)–from that day on, it will always be a “we”.
A transformation has been made–a bonding of the All American Cup and the sport horse fraternity is a win-win for every one.

Through dedicated and collective efforts of the sport horse committee, the All American Cup, and the AAHC, there will be a western and a hunter class offered for four year old horses who have been nominees in past AAC classes. The classes will be held at prime time on Thursday Sept 6, Indiana State Fairgrounds .

In addition to very significant dollars being awarded to the four year old versatility horse, the AAC has arranged for thousands of dollars in additional, valuable prizes never before given in a horse show. Just a few of these awards are as follows”

A–Judy Fisher Oetinger’s Magnificent Book–=The Saddlebred will be donated.
B–get your horse shod at the AAHC by the best–Jon Pankey–value $300
C–one month board and training of your good weanling by Jim Aikman value $1500-
D–500 lbs of tribute premier feed to every horse in the four year old western and hunter
class–value approx $150 per entry–the feed will be waiting for you to take it home.
E. Fabulous dinner at Indys finest restaurant for every entry winning a ribbon in the versatility classes as well as the weanling and three year old AAC classes.
The bonding and endorsement of the aac and the sport horse is a major move in the horse world.. Marketing opportunities will increase dramatically. Pledges by those who “believe” are solicited. Please contact Jim Aikman with your pledge, interest, and questions 1-317-862-4341 or all


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